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What does a girl do when her blog is all about running and yet she is taking a break from running? Well my answer as of late is to just not blog. And though I haven’t been super inspired to write about another topic, I do miss writing. Imagine my excitement when I heard about Think Kit put on by Smallbox. You can read all about what this is and can search the hashtag #thinkkit to read others’ posts. Though I am a bit late getting into this, here is my first post on yesterday’s topic:


I take a LOT of pictures so the thought of choosing one to symbolize my year seemed impossible at first. I searched my Facebook albums and each time I thought I had it, I would find another that seemed more meaningful than the last. Isn’t reflection incredible that way? We spend so much time thinking in the present and planning for the future that sometimes we forget what has been in our past. I considered a crossfit picture since that sport has become such a large part of my life and community. I thought about a picture from the Boston Marathon as it was such an impactful day for so many. I considered pictures of trips – Grand Cayman, South Haven, Mexico, Portland and the memories made from each. I thought about a picture of my favorite little human ever – my niece Wynne. I thought about a picture from the Woman of the Year gala to represent the 10 weeks of work we put in to raise over $63,000 for LLS. But though all of those things are hugely important to me in 2013 (and will no doubt make the Best of 2013 post later this month), what I settled on was this:

sedonaI took this picture at the top of a mountain that I climbed (and mountain is probably a little dramatic). I went to Sedona at the start of this year by myself to reset. You can read all about the trip here, but why this picture won out is because of those 4 words. Human Kind. Be both. It’s a message that I believe in so passionately. Being human, to me, means that we can feel and decide and love and hurt. That we can fail and we can admit it. We build relationships and laugh and we can constantly improve. We can be selfless and help those around us. We can relate and accept and fight and can rationalize and understand and seek.

And being kind is the most important thing in life.

Be both: it is the simplest reminder about what’s important in life. And if I look back on all the other pictures that were considered for this post, all of those events and times were made better because someone was humanly kind to me. The friendships I made, the warm welcome at a new gym, the text messages asking if we were ok, the people that donated and the beautiful goodness that oozes out of a 2.5 year old. Kindness surrounds me, but our work here is not done.

What would this world look like if we always kept those 4 words in mind before we tweeted something nasty or judged someone’s outfit or ignored the homeless person. What would it look like indeed.



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  1. I love this!! It is a message we all should try to live by!!

    On a side note…we just got married Sept 6th…and decided to document our first year together in pictures – check out our blog:

    December 2, 2013
    • mdials #

      Thank you! And great blog!

      December 3, 2013
  2. Last four paragraphs are some of your best writing. Hits home. Well done.

    Those four words may just be my first tattoo.

    BTW, if I were to sum up my year with one picture, mine also is from Sedona… last picture in this post:

    You’ll probably recognize the rock formation in the background, Kachina Woman.

    December 3, 2013
    • mdials #

      I loved reading your post and seeing your pictures! What a magical place it is. Were you at Enchantment too? I cannot wait to go back (ideally not when 14 degrees outside) and do more hiking. And of course, go see our friend Kachina. Thank you for your kind words.

      December 3, 2013
      • Thanks right back at ya!

        And yes, stayed at Enchantment. Beyond words. Can’t wait to go back, either.

        December 3, 2013

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