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Think Kit days 6-9

I am a little behind on blogging so I am going to whip through these posts quite quickly.

6Answer: As previously discussed in my last blog, I am actually trying to say no more than yes this coming year. But that doesn’t mean I want to become a hermit. My goal for 2014 is to be very strategic about the things I want to be involved in. I absolutely love my neighborhood and want to continue to help plan our annual Oktoberfest. I will also be helping two candidates who run for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Woman/Man of the Year this spring. I am involved in selecting the Jefferson Award winners and look forward to helping a good friend with her start-up project “Face First.” Beyond that, what interests me is the betterment of Indianapolis and so I hope to find new ways to have a voice and execute changes for our city. (If you’re reading this and thinking “Then you should sign for up _____, Meggie” please comment below! I’d love to learn about great ways to make Indy awesome)

7The past two years I have created inspiration boards on Pinterst (see 2012 and 2013 here). It has been a lot of fun to look at pretty pictures and align them with my yearly goals. I haven’t gotten around to one for 2014 yet, but plan to. In the meantime, I will answer this in regards to my house. Though we spent a good amount of energy in getting our house to look the way it does after we moved in a year ago, there are some areas that still need work. For example, I have asked for a Kyle Ragsdale painting for Christmas to hang over my bathtub. I also want to paint our guest bathroom some crazy color like orange or dark teal. And though we have a deer head, amazingly comfy furniture and a plaid blanket up there, I’d like to continue working on making our 3rd floor feel like a cabin. I envision a fake bear skin rug, exposed lightbulb lamps and more plaid. I’d like to add some additional art to the walls but am pretty particular about the overall look so that will be a work in progress. Our house is all white and though I never thought I’d like something so stark, I am in love with it. Therefore, it’s important to me to keep the modern, streamlined feel throughout. I hope in 2014 my husband and I get motivated to make these little changes to put the final touches on our home.

8My first thought here was to share with you the dress I made for Halloween. Every Sunday from March to July, our group of friends get together to watch Game of Thrones. We make food, bring drinks and are not allowed to talk during the episodes (I broke that rule during the Red Wedding episode when I stormed off saying I’d never watch another episode again). Last year, we decided that we needed to dress up like the characters for Halloween. It wasn’t difficult to assign costumes – and I happily chose Khaleesi. I wanted to respect the Mother of Dragons with a pretty killer costume so decided to create my own dress. I bought all of the materials and started by researching some patterns online. I then painted the fabric over many days with a variety of gold paints to add some color and sparkle. I hand sewed the seems, created pleats, added elastic and handcrafted the beads from things I found at Jo-Ann fabrics. I bought the gold shoulder cuffs and belt from Etsy and the final product is seen below. I am darn proud of it and actually loved that I had something crafty to do each night when I came home.


As you can see, each one of us took our costumes pretty darn seriously. We are ready for a killer premier party this March.



I was shocked around episode 4 of Homeland. I was just about to call it quits on this series – so much crying, so much crazy. And then boom. They totally redeemed themselves. I don’t want to discuss this further as it will be a major spoiler alert for any who haven’t seen it. But hold on to your britches…it’s amazing.

Other than that, here is a small list:

  • I was surprised when Paul Walker died.
  • I was surprised when I could easily front squat 140#. Booyah.
  • I was surprised when I learned that Parkinson’s Disease can cause eczema and also make those affected by it become obsessed with things. This horrible disease just continues to surprise us with more symptoms. I hate it.
  • I was surprised when my dog Dexter started howling after hearing sirens. It was the most hilarious reaction and a noise I had never heard.
  • I was surprised when my nephew was born! A healthy baby boy! (BIG positive!)
  • I was surprised how much I loved the chicken wings at Libertine. Try them!
  • I was surprised when that sting ray bit my finger. “Oh they don’t have teeth. It won’t hurt if they bite you.” LIES. Ouch!
  • I am surprised by the people who support HJR-6 in Indiana. I can’t even discuss it.
  • I am always pleasantly surprised when I don’t talk with old friends for a long time and then we connect and it’s like nothing ever changed.
  • I am surprised by how interested I am in reading cold case files. I have gotten kind of obsessed!
  • I am not surprised that my patience level is only getting less and less. I ain’t got time for patience.
  • I am pleasantly surprised at Pope Francis! He continues to show humility and a true commitment to those less privileged. And he was a former bouncer!
  • I am so happily surprised to continue to meet and engage with smart, ambitious, unique and talented individuals. I think moving downtown has opened up a whole new pool of incredible adults in Indy and I love meeting all of them.
  • I was surprised how bad the Dexter series finale was. It made me rethink all those hours I watched the entire series.


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  1. I LOVED you costume! A fellow SmallBoxer actually showed it to me around Halloween, and I was so jealous! Super well done. :)

    December 9, 2013
  2. I LOVED your costume! A fellow SmallBoxer actually showed it to me around Halloween, and I was so jealous! Super well done. :)

    December 9, 2013
    • mdials #

      Thank you!!!!

      December 9, 2013
  3. Claire Danes cry face makes Homeland worth watching. KIDDING. I hate that face.

    December 9, 2013
    • mdials #

      OH GOD yes. It’s the worst. I think from now until forever I will see her and think of her crying

      December 10, 2013
  4. reading that you love cold case files reminded me of this great longform article I read on the treadmill last month. Sounds like you’re not alone…

    January 6, 2014
    • mdials #

      Oh I am so excited to dig into this! Thank you!

      January 7, 2014
      • For more great long form stories you can go to, and click on ‘crime’, but I warn you: it is a pit you may never climb out of ;) .

        January 7, 2014

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