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Betcha can’t break that habit.

Today’s prompt:

habitI actually looked up the word habit to make sure I was answering this correctly: Habit: a usual way of behaving : something that a person does often in a regular and repeated way. Another website said that habits tend to become subconscious. And when thinking of my behavior in that way, I am not sure there are too many habits I have started in the past 12 months that I wish to continue! But the big one that comes to mind is crossfit. (Oh great, here she goes again about crossfit. We get it!) Shut it, peanut gallery.

I know. I know. I talk a lot about crossfit. But when I think about an activity that became a true habit this year, crossfit is it. It’s just a part of my daily life. Instead of deciding which class to attend, I now have to consciously decide which day not to go. If I don’t wake up early enough in the morning, then I fit it in at noon or after work. It’s a routine and honestly, how could I not love it? I walk into a building full of familiar faces. Welcoming faces that seem equally as excited to see me. Faces that have become friends outside of the gym. I sometimes think the very best Meggie comes out in that box. She’s confident and energetic. She is strong and her sense of humor is edgy. She encourages others and shows humility. She works hard and admits failure while celebrating successes. Why wouldn’t I want to be there every day? It’s the best habit I have adopted this year and it most certainly will continue.


But never fear, this blog post wouldn’t be complete without some talk about the other habits of 2013.

These habits have kicked the bucket:

Earlier this year I discovered that I was doing a lot of winking at people. When I’d cross paths with someone at work, instead of waving or doing the normal head nod, I’d wink. I winked at my friends when they left my house. I’d wink at people across a room. I didn’t even know I was doing it until I caught myself! I confessed over twitter and found out that my friends had noticed a lot earlier than I did. Can a girl get an intervention now and then? Friends don’t let friends wink.

I also went through a pretty serious addiction to Easy Mac. Easy Mac in the morning, Easy Mac in the evening, Easy Mac at suppertime. This lasted a few months but I am proud to announce that I am over 45 days sober of EM.

These habits are still a work in progress:

I know it’s not healthy but Nestle “lil bit of heaven” cookie sandwiches are amazing and I will get one for an afternoon treat a few times a week.

Selfies: I used to be the selfie queen! In fact, some of my friends renamed them “Meggies” and I was proud to own it. But I have cut back significantly on my selfies in the past 6 months. I know there is a lot of debate out there and some people want to take the word selfie and use it as their platform about why society needs affirmation through social media these days. Yeah yeah yeah…I get it. More often than not, I’d rather look at people than inanimate objects so I don’t have an issue with selfies, as long as they are interesting. So when instagramming, I have been trying to be a bit more purposeful of my selfies. If I am going to do it, I hope to make it good. (Or at least funny.)

My last selfie was while cuddling my very adorable sleeping nephew, Mac.


Before that it was while riding a horse on JD’s and my anniversary date in Brown County. His horse was so slow and I couldn’t stop laughing about how far back he was from the group.


Prior to that it was a pic of myself wearing Redskins gear in support of JD’s favorite team. I love sport games.


And being at mile 23 during a marathon is as good of a reason as any to selfie!

selfie 4

So maybe I fell off the wagon here, ok? We all have setbacks.

selfie 5

And well this is just beautiful.

selfie 6

So 6 selfies taken in 14 weeks? I don’t know if that’s progress or not, but I think it’s an improvement. :)


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  1. Traci #

    Great read, as usual! And just for the record, I love your selfies! Always well executed and gorgeous darling! :-)

    December 10, 2013
    • mdials #

      Thanks girl! I love all the running pics you post! So incredible

      December 10, 2013
  2. I want to me the person, pictured above in selfies, in 2014. #fact

    December 10, 2013
  3. Jenna #

    Don’t ever apologize for your CrossFit habit – it’s totally bad-ass! Hoping to head down to Indy after the New Year, will definitely be dropping in at CFNT, perhaps we’ll cross paths :)

    December 10, 2013
  4. Rachel #

    Awww-I love when people wink at me. It makes me think we have an inside joke or something. But I guess I only really like when people wink at me if I like the person doing the winking. ;)

    December 30, 2013

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